Dick Van Dyke, 98, still excited to go to work every morning

At 98, beloved entertainer Dick Van Dyke has continued to defy the conventional expectations of aging, maintaining an infectious enthusiasm for life and work.

In a recently posted YouTube clip, the iconic Mary Poppins star shared some insight into his perspective on aging and his ongoing zest for life.

Keep reading to find out just how this man, loved by people from all generations, stays excited to go to work every morning!

Dick Van Dyke in 2017. Credit / Frazer Harrison / BAFTA LA / Getty.

In his recent interview with CBS Mornings, Van Dyke expressed gratitude for having a career he loves, pointing out that he had been blessed with finding work that brings him joy and passion. “It’s such a blessing to find a way of making a living that you love, that you’d do for nothing,” he said.

“I feel so sorry for people who hate their jobs. I look forward to going to work every morning,” he added.

The talented actor said that he barely feels as if he’s aging – and he says he has going to the gym three times a week and constantly making new friends to thank for this.

Van Dyke says he also still actively participates in singing with his group, The Vantastix. In his own words: “Getting your living done first and having the nerve to try something. Failure’s OK.”

Dick Van Dyke photographed during the 1960s. Credit / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty.

Reflecting on his illustrious career, Van Dyke shared that he had made a commitment early on to focus on movies that were family-friendly, because he wanted people of all ages to be able to enjoy his work. This choice led to iconic roles in films like Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Decades later, Van Dyke revealed that he still continues to receive fan mail, particularly from children who are discovering these timeless films for the first time, noting that he receives more letters now than during the films’ initial releases.

In a surprising twist, Van Dyke humorously revealed during the interview that he once had the opportunity to become the legendary spy James Bond. He mentioned that he was considered for the role after Sean Connery stepped away. Recounting the offer, Van Dyke commented: “When Sean Connery left, the producers said, ‘Would you like to be the next Bond?’ I said, ‘Have you heard my British accent?'”

It’s clear that Dick Van Dyke’s life and career stand as a testament to his humor and positive outlook on life. His continued passion for work, commitment to staying active, and ability to embrace new experiences serve as an inspiration for individuals of all ages.

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