13 nuns from same convent die of COVID-19: “It went through like wildfire”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage families and communities, a blight on society that will never be forgotten.

Tragic reports now detail how thirteen nuns at the Felician Sisters convent in Michigan have died of the virus – many of them within the same month.

The nuns, ranging in age from 69 to 99, are believed to have caught the coronavirus when two aides brought it into the convent. The Global Sisters Report described the deaths as maybe “the worst loss of life to a community of women religious since the 1918 influenza pandemic.”

Indeed, reports say that the nuns, elderly as they are, were extremely susceptible to the virus, and that it felt like a sister was dying every other day during the worst periods.

In total, thirteen of the nuns lost their lives. Eighteen others also tested positive and were successfully treated, but there can be no doubting the emotional scars they now must surely bear.

Making matters worse, the surviving nurses were not allowed to attend the funerals of their sisters over fears that the virus would be spread further.

So far there have been a reported 145,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. alone, with more certainly yet to come.

My heart breaks to hear news of these poor nuns. I continue to pray each day for all the victims of coronavirus in the world.

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