Pediatrician's ingenious surgery innovation is cheered around the world

Pediatrician’s ingenious surgery innovation is cheered around the world

Going to the hospital can be scary, especially for children. And although doctors and nurses are there to make sure kids get healthy as soon as possible, there’s always a chance that things take an unexpected turn.

The best pediatricians understand that treating a child isn’t just about curing their sickness and easing their pain, but it’s also about making them feel comfortable and relaxed so they can recover without fear.

One doctor that understands this better than most is Dr. Travis Groth. He’s a surgeon at a children’s hospital in Wisconsin, and he’s figured out the perfect way to make kids feel at home even after they’ve had major surgery.


Doctor Travis Groth is a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and if there’s anyone who knows how to care for sick children, it’s him.

He understands just how frightening it can be for kids—especially if they’re so ill that they need surgery.

After treating some many children, Dr. Groth has come up with a very special way of making little ones feel safe and comforted.


Although the medical profession is stressful and requires long hours, Dr. Groth always finds time to go that extra mile to make his patients feel relaxed.

“Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better,” the hospital wrote on its Facebook page.


Dr. Groth always ensures that children’s favorite stuffed animals get matching casts and bandages so that when kids wake up after surgery, they feel less alone. After all, their best friend is going through the same thing!

When surgery on a stuffed animal is required, Dr. Groth performs the operation free of charge.


“Oh my goodness! It must have been him who stitched up my son’s pillow pet monkey while we were there to see Dr. Groth last month! He went in with duct tape on him (because stuffing was falling out and this mama doesn’t know how to sew). I noticed when we got home that the monkey was stitched up! Thank you so much, Dr. Groth! That really meant a lot that you took the time to go the extra mile,” one mom commented on the hospital’s Facebook page.

Sometimes, Dr. Groth even lets children take their stuffed animal’s X-rays home.


A little girl was going to have surgery on her ear, and of course, her favorite stuffed animal had the same bandage on his head when she woke up.

Her parents were surprised when they saw what the doctors did for their daughter. Now, she doesn’t have to go through the healing process alone, and she and her stuffed animal can recuperate in the hospital together.

I’m so touched to read all the comments from parents whose children spent time at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Doing that little extra for the kids can really be the difference between a horrible experience and a fresh start toward getting healthy again.


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