Apply pressure to these points on your hand – and relieve pain in minutes

Nobody likes taking more pain medication than they have to. Sure it’s convenient and works well. But if there were a natural way to relieve pain as quickly and easily as pills, I bet a lot of people would consider it.

Recently, while I was searching for alternatives to over-the-counter pain killers, I stumbled on reflexology. It’s not hard to do and it doesn’t cost anything to try. And it’s already saved me a couple times when I had a headache and was far from a pharmacy.

Scroll down and have a look. Who knows? It could work wonders for your pain!

Popularized in the 1970s, Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine and is also called zone therapy. Like acupuncture, it also involves pressing different points on the body to relieve discomfort in other places.

Most points are located on the feet, hands, and ears.

By pressing or stimulating different points in your hand, you can affect different organs in the body.

Here are four simple tips you can try at home. If you don’t have the energy to press for a long time, you can use a clothespin and attach it to the point where you want to apply pressure.

1. Reduce head and neck tension

If you feel pain on the right side, find the sorest spot at the tip of the middle finger of your right hand and press with your fingers or nails.

If you feel pain on the left side, use the same technique on your left hand.

If you have pain on both sides, press or rub both fingertips.

2. Reduce nausea and motion sickness

If you feel sick or are getting sick, stimulate the central part of the ring finger, pressing or rubbing until the nausea decreases or disappears completely.

3. Reduce earaches

If you have an earache, press the lower part of the ring finger or little finger.

4. Reduce sore throats

If you’re starting to get a sore throat, press the skin between thumb and forefinger, but only at the tip of the skin. Press a little further in and you’ll be treating the esophagus.

This is a form of alternative medicine and research is ambiguous. Some people think that this technique works well and others do not.

But remember that you should always visit a doctor if you have a lot of pain or serious discomfort.

Please share this clever trick with everyone you know. It could work wonders!

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