Bindi Irwin posts loving tribute to Steve Irwin on the 16th anniversary of his death

Steve Irwin will forever be remembered as the world’s favorite crocodile hunter and wildlife conservationist. His death not only shocked the world but left a huge hole in a lot of hearts.

Namely in the hearts of his family, children Bindi and Robert Irwin and wife Terri Irwin. The three of them work tirelessly to keep honor the legacy he left behind.

On Sunday 4th September 2022, it was the 16th anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death. His death anniversary also coincided with Father’s Day in Australia. To commemorate the occasion and honor her father’s memory, Bindi Irwin took to Instagram to post a sweet picture.

She posted an old picture of her with her father sitting behind her as she holds a lizard in her hands. She captioned the picture, “Grandpa Crocodile, I know you would’ve been the most incredible grandfather because you were such an extraordinary dad. Thank you for being an amazing guardian angel for Grace.”

Her 18-year-old brother, Robert Irwin who was only two years old at the time his father passed, also made a tribute post on Instagram. He posted a picture of him in one of his father’s arms as the late Irwin held a boquet in the other. He caption the picture, “It’s Father’s Day today in Australia, and I am sending my love to those who are missing their dad today. I cherish all the good times with my dad and feel grateful to be able to keep his memory and legacy alive.”

Wildlife conservationist Terri Irwin, who was married to Steve Irwin till his death in 2006 also posted on social media. She posted a tribute to her late husband on Twitter.

“The part of Steve’s life that he loved the most was being a dad. He would be so very proud,” she tweeted, along with two pictures of her late husband.

The first image was of the family of four, with a new-born Robert in Terri’s arms, while Steve and Bindi beamed next to them. While the second picture was of a grown-up Robert and Bindi Irwin, taking a selfie together.

Steve Irwin died in 2006, as a result of being pierced in the chest by a stingray. Since his death, his wife Terri Irwin, and children Bindi and Robert Irwin have worked tireless at the Australia Zoo to preserve the late conservationist and beloved personality’s legacy.

Earlier last year in March, Bindi gave birth to her own daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. The little toddler is being immersed in the world of animals like the rest of her family.

Terri Irwin revealed in an interview, that her granddaughter Grace attracted animals much like her late husband. “I think she’s got that determination that Steve had and that connection with wildlife,” she said. “Because it is weird to see animals just gravitate to her. So she’ll go out in the morning in the stroller, and all the kangaroos just gather around her like they’re having a meeting.”   

The family makes sure little Grace knows who Steve Irwin was, who they refers to in front of her as “Grandpa Crocodile.”

It is so heartwarming to see how this family keeps the memory of Steve Irwin alive even after all these years.

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