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Burn Victim Voted Prom Queen After Undergoing Long Journey To Recovery.

Everyone who saw Kilee Brookbank at her school’s senior prom thought she radiated both beauty and happiness. But few knew that Kilee never thought she’d be able attend the festive event. Putting on a dress was something she’d never considered, and going sleeveless was beyond her imagination. Two years ago, Kilee was alone at her family’s home. She light a candle, but had no idea that there was a gas leak in the house. So instead of creating a warm atmosphere, the candle ignited and became a fireball. Over 45 percent of Kilee’s body was burned and doctors doubted that she’d survive. The teenager had to spend nearly 40 days in the hospital and undergo several operations. Her arms, legs, and back were covered with scars. And although it was difficult at first, Kilee decided not to hide her scars from anyone. She would show off her scars for what they really are: badges of courage, resilience, survival, and beauty. So when Kilee wore a sleeveless dress to her school prom, she truly impressed not only her family, but also all of her schoolmates. Most knew what Kilee had gone through, so her classmates would have understood if she didn’t show up that night… “I never really thought I’d want to be in a dress again. I just didn’t think I’d be comfortable in my own body” she says.

Two years ago, something happened that turned out to be a real disaster. Kilee Brookbank was at home in Ohio when a gas explosion shook the entire neighborhood.

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Kilee just wanted to light a candle, but the moment she lit a match, her family’s house turned into a burning inferno.

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An undetected gas leak created an explosion that ripped through large parts of the house. Miraculously, Kilee survived, but her burns were extensive.

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While the house was in flames, Kilee lay unconscious. She had no idea what happened, but luckily, the family dog was able to wake her and save her life.

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Kilee spent about 40 days in the hospital. For a while, she hovered between life and death, but thankfully, she pulled through. Still, she required several surgeries and skin grafts.

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The road back to normal life was long and difficult. But she never stopped fighting and was eventually able to put the trauma behind her.

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At first, she was embarrassed to show their scars. But after a while, she realized that the scars weren’t something to be ashamed of. Her scars were rather a symbol of strength, courage, and survival.

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And facing perhaps the greatest night of her life, prom, Kilee chose to wear a sparkly, sleeveless dress. Isn’t she beautiful?

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Kilee’s boyfriend, Dylan, supported her through thick and thin, so of course he wanted to escort her to the prom. Kilee went with her head held high, and her schoolmates even voted her prom queen!

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“She’s definitely the most beautiful girl here. She’s one of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” Dylan said.

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