Entire restaurant joins in to sing 'Amazing Grace' one last time for dying veteran

Entire restaurant joins in to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ one last time for dying veteran

Our veterans sacrificed everything for their country and its people. The least we can do for our beloved veterans is to make sure they do not feel forgotten.

This veteran wanted to have one last meal at his favorite restaurant, it was a simple wish that turned even sweeter because of the restaurant staff and patrons.

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It was a usual night at The Little Big Cup restaurant located in Arnaudville, Louisiana. A table was full of a family that was enjoying a meal together, but the story behind that meal was very special.

At the table sat a veteran who had received a heartbreaking diagnosis revealing that he was very sick. Doctors had not given him too long to live. And as a way of cherishing the little time he had left in his life, he wanted to spend as much of it as he could with his family.

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So he decided to have a nice family dinner at his favorite restaurant in Arnaudville; The Little Big Cup. When the employees of the restaurant found out about this special story, they were emotional and wanted to do something for their valuable patron.

They decided to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ for him while he and his family waited for the food.

The owner of the restaurant Sanjay Maharaj wrote on Facebook, “I’m blown away.” “Mr. Chauvin is dying and he wanted one of his last meals at The Little Big Cup. Our employees and guests joined his family celebrating his wonderful life.”


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As employees and other patrons in the restaurant begin to sing, the elderly couple there for the husband’s last meal is moved to tears because of the lovely gesture. The wife reaches out to hold her husband’s hand as the enjoy the entire restaurant singing for them!

At the end of the video, you can see the veteran waving to everyone as a way to thank them for the beautiful song and lovely gesture.

This was such a lovely gesture for this man. We are completely blown away by how everyone joined in to make his night even more special!

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