Grandma celebrates 107th birthday, says reason for her longevity is ‘I do what Bible tells me’

Grandma celebrates 107th birthday, says reason for her longevity is ‘I do what Bible tells me’

Living to a 100 years old is no easy feat, and certainly not an accomplishment many can boast about. This 107-year-old woman from South Carolina has witnessed some major moments in America’s history.

She has now revealed what she believes is the reason for her long life.

GOD is sooo AMAZING! 🙌 Everybody please join Me in wishing the BEAUTIFUL, "Adell Julia Green Thompson" a HAPPY 107TH…

Posted by Keshia Sellers on Monday, October 10, 2022

Adell Julie Thompson was born on the 10th of October in 1915 in the Orangeburg County town of Santee, South Carolina. She has never moved away from her hometown, spending over 100 years in the same area!

Having lived through over 100 years, Adell has witnessed many iconic events in her lifetime. Many of which have had a deep impact on her life!

Living to an age over 100 years old is a major milestone. To celebrate her long life, friends and family organized a birthday parade in her honor, to show her how much she means to them!

Adell was of course touched by this gesture, “I had no dream of being 107 years. But the Lord spared me, and I try to do the right thing, I guess so people don’t talk about you.”

The 107-year-old reminisced about the past, talking about how much things have changed as she has grown up. She confessed that she barely recognized the town anymore.

From riding mules and horses to driving cars; the town had changed so drastically in front of her own eyes!


She also recalled some years when she picked cotton with her brothers on family farms. She talked nostalgically about her past. She revealed she had studied at a school in Elloree and later worked as a substitute teacher for the second grade in the 1930s.

And then she talked of marrying her husband Eddie Thompson in 1940. Now, she can recall many significant moments in American history. She can recall the 18 U.S. presidencies she has lived through, talk about World War II, and how she also saw the stock market crash in 1929.

She has a huge family, with her three children, six grandchildren, 14 great-grandkids, and even three great-great-grandkids! But the most unbelievable part of living so long might have been seeing Barack Obama become the President. “I had no dream I would see that,” Adell confessed.

As for the secret to living such a long life? This is simple in Adell’s mind. “I do what the Bible tells me,” she says.

Her not-so-secret secret to her long life is something many of us might already know about; her devotion to God. She talked about how she intends to stay true till her last breath.

Adell Julie Thompson is truly inspirational. We want to congratulate her on this milestone birthday. And wish her a long and healthy life surrounded by everyone she loves!

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