Teenage bodybuilder’s left arm stays skinny despite exercise – then the truth comes out

Bodybuilding is a serious sport that requires a lot of dedication. Most people who partake in this exercise make sure that all their body parts get the same level of exercise for a more uniform look.

Which is why this teenage bodybuilder raised a lot of eyebrows. Keep reading to learn more about his story…

19-year-old Jackson Schop has over 100,000 followers on Instagram who religiously follow him and look forward to his pictures displaying his gym updates. But some people have noticed how the teenager’s left arm is now as muscular as his right arm.


While some people think this might be deliberate, the real reason for Jackson’s appearance is much different.

Schop was involved in a snowmobile accident that almost took his life. The accident happened two years ago and left his left arm paralyzed, thankfully sparing his life.

Once Jackson was finally released from the hospital, he had one goal in mind. He said, “Once I got out of the hospital, I gave myself a goal: get in the best shape of my life, regardless of my paralyzed arm. I can officially say I accomplished my goal.”

His goal was successful because not only did the teenager begin to train like a beast, but he also managed to inspire thousands of people who followed him along on his journey and looked to him for tips.

Instead of letting this stop him, he realized he had the power of not letting it impact his life in any other way than he allowed it to. So he decided to focus on his own thing and make sure he trained himself into the best shape of his life despite being paralyzed in one arm.

Young Jackson Schop is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. He overcame all that he had lost just to make sure he was able to do himself justice and achieve the goals he set out for himself despite the obstacles that came in his way.

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