Woman blocks a man after he paid $500+ for their dinner date – her reasoning will shock you

First dates can go one of two ways – either they’re good or they’re shockingly bad… It feels as if there’s no in between!

Given this, first dates usually come with their fair share of anecdotes (I’ve heard some hilarious ones) but one woman’s experience proves that these romantic encounters can also be pretty unpredictable.

Though, this particular series of events raises some questions about first impressions, etiquette, and even personal security.

The woman in question took to Reddit to share her memorable first date experience that took place at a pretty fancy restaurant. Her date ended covering the entire bill for their extravagant meal (which included an appetizer, a main, drinks, and dessert), an act that left her feeling both bewildered and concerned. She promptly blocked him, and the reasons behind this decision are both intriguing and confusing.

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Initially, when the man had asked her out on a date, the woman hadn’t specified where they would dine. However, when he asked about her favorite restaurant, she decided to be upfront and honest, mentioning a pretty expensive establishment – though, she did tell her date that it was too pricey for a first date, and suggested a more casual alternative that was a Mexican restaurant offering excellent food at a better price. Her favorite restaurant would have set them back around $500 on average.

Despite the considerable cost involved, the man insisted on dining at her favorite restaurant, keen to experience the dishes. The woman explained that she generally went out to inexpensive restaurants for a first date, so that it took some of the pressure off, and that she only went to the expensive restaurant for special occasions or moments of self-indulgence.

The date was seemingly going well, initially, with both parties ordering appetizers, main courses, drinks, and even dessert. As the bill arrived, both the man and the woman hesitated for a moment before suggesting to split it. The woman explained: “I hesitated and said it after he was saying it because he asked me out and also insisted we went there after he read the menu and really wanted to try the food.”

The woman says she usually likes to split the checks on first dates, understanding that some men might feel pressured to pay for a meal even if there was no romantic connection. Separate bills arrived, but the man made a surprising move. He reached for her card, looked at it, and declared that he would cover both checks, adding: “Oh, now I finally know your last name.”

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This gesture, however well-intentioned, didn’t sit well for the woman. Working as a bartender, she had a coworker who could quickly memorize card numbers, which made her concerned about potential fraud or identity theft. She said that she also felt that the man’s sudden change in attitude was a test, possibly to see if she would contribute to the $250 bill. “I felt like he was checking to see if I was a golddigger or something, even though I’d literally told him we shouldn’t go there the first date,” she explained.

After the dinner, she thanked him and promptly blocked his number. She later sent him money for her portion of the bill, emphasizing that she never pressured him to dine at the expensive restaurant and would have been happy with a simpler Mexican dinner.

As this story spread across the online community, opinions were divided. Many Reddit users supported the woman’s decision, commenting that she had every right to end the date if it made her uncomfortable.

Others, however, believed she might have overanalyzed the situation, while some questioned whether the man’s intention was genuinely selfless or not. One person wrote: “Also, I highly doubt someone would spend $500+ and waste an entire evening so they could memorize your card number.”

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