Woman sold her house to afford a facelift – now she lives in a van and shares lessons she's learned

Woman sold her house to afford a facelift – now she lives in a van and shares lessons she’s learned

Kelly Beasley began entering her late 40s, realizing that things did not look the way she preferred. She realized that with aging comes wrinkles, drooping, and more.

She then made an unconventional decision, which not everyone might agree with… Keep reading to learn more!

When Kelly Beasley turned 48 years old, she realized that her face was ‘dropping’ fast. She did not personally prefer how that made her look, and she decided to do something about it: she turned to plastic surgery.

Of course, surgery costs a pretty penny, and to come up with funds to pay for her new look, Kelly decided to sell her house.

She said, “Around 48, my face started dropping fast. The changes were astounding. Fillers were not going to make a difference.” She began looking for solutions and realized she needed a ‘facelift.’ But when she got quotes for the procedure, the prices quoted to her were ‘astronomical,’ and hence she decided to look elsewhere and partake in medical tourism.


She decided to look into Mexico, where the procedures she wanted would cost her 14,000 dollars. She said she put her house up for sale to give herself a financial ‘cushion’ to comfortably go through with the procedure. She later chronicled her recovery period and revealed that she did not feel any pain but only experienced mild discomfort and had to wear a ‘face bra’ for a while.

Now that her healing is well on its way, she has shared the results with everyone and seems to be very happy about them.

“The results are beyond what I expected — I didn’t expect to look younger,” the gushed. “People say I look in my 30s. I’m loving my look and looking my most fabulous that I can.”

While she has received some criticism from people online, she stands steadfast in her decision and advocates for people to choose whether they want surgery themselves. “I’m going to do what I want to do. Why not live the most fabulous life? Part of that for me is having plastic surgery,” she said.

While she now lives in a van, the decision was note solely financial but one of personal freedom for her as well. This is not the first time Beasley is living in a van. She has not only done this before but had a blog helping other people choose to be modern-day ‘nomads’ and instructing them on what a life like that would entail.

All in all, selling her house was not a desperate decision she had no choice in making but one she made consciously, knowing she likes ‘van life’ as she calls it.


Now Kelly has loyal followers on Tiktok as she chronicles her journey and gives updates about how her facelift is healing. She also has a lot of advice to impart on how to choose a surgeon and what she believes are the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of cosmetic procedures.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time Kelly Beasley has been under the knife. The 50-year-old travel blogger had to have several surgeries on her nose starting about ten years ago. It all started when she discovered she had basal cell cancer in the tip of her nose in 2012. She had already discovered one a year earlier on her upper lip and knew what the surgery would entail; removing the cells and ‘scooping’ up the edges around it to clean it up. This type of procedure is called a Moh’s cancer surgery.

When she realized she had one right at the tip of her nose, she was reluctant to undergo another Moh’s cancer surgery as she feared it would leave her nose disfigured. Hence she started searching for ‘natural remedies’ for cancer. At the time, she admitted she foolishly bought into the conspiracy theory that the pharmaceutical industry purposefully kept cancer cures from people in order to make money.


She wrote on her blog in 2019, “But today, I don’t fall in line anymore with the conspiracy theory that big pharma is using chemo and drugs to keep people sick and that they don’t want to find a cure for cancer.”

But at the time, she was fully convinced of the idea. She wrote, “I did pretty much subscribe to the big pharma conspiracy idea during the time I was researching natural cures for cancer.”

This lead her to stumble across ‘The Black Salve.’ The product is a thick, dark-colored paste that is applied to the area of the skin affected by cancer. Following the instructions, she left it on for 24 hours on the tip of her nose and on a patch on her forehead.

The Black Salve, which is also known by its brand name Cansema is banned in the United States and is listed as a ‘do not use’ and dangerous product by the US FDA.

But Beasley got her hands on the product through other channels and went ahead with applying it. Once she removed it, she saw the ‘eschar’ start to form. An eschar is a little similar to a scab in appearance, except it is filled with necrotic tissue. The eschar was supposed to naturally slough off after a month.

In the end, Beasley ended up in the same situation she wanted to avoid; a big hole in her nose and a wound on her forehead. She had to resort to multiple surgeries in order to fix the damage the ‘natural remedies’ had done.

She had three reconstructive surgeries done, all a month apart from one another. The surgeries involved using ear and rib cartilage to reconstruct the ‘tip of the nose.’

Her final surgery involved doctors removing a ‘pedicle’ from her forehead to her nose as she finally had new skin on the tip of her nose. Even after her third surgery, she felt her nose did not look ‘normal.’


But now that she had a functional nose that did not have a huge ‘hole’ in it, she was happy with it. She decided to not let it bother her and think of cosmetic procedures she could have later on in life when she had better finances. Her nose reconstruction surgeries were not paid for by her insurance, and hence she had to pay for all of them on her own!

Then the show Botched entered her life. Her mother encouraged her to apply, and after resisting, she finally did. The producers decided to have her on the show which is what led to Kelly Beasley’s new and improved nose.

The show also got her forehead scar tattooed so that her scar would be less obvious. All in all, Kelly Beasley was ecstatic about what she had achieved on the show with her new nose and new look!

But as time went on and aging caught up with her, Kelly Beasley who is no stranger to being under the knife, was willing to put up with a little discomfort in order to get a more youthful appearance that felt more in line with how she wanted to look.

The results are amazing, and Kelly Beasley looks wonderful. She posts photos and videos with her new look regularly for her followers. She seems to be quite happy with her life!


What do you think about this story? Kelly Beasley has had a long and painful journey to look how she looks today. What are your thoughts about plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments.

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