These Inflatable Bubbles Make It Possible To Be Even Closer To Nature.

Sometimes when I’m on a weekend hike with a friend or two, we stumble on the perfect place to set up camp. The mountains in the distance are majestic, the meadow in front of us is covered with wildflowers, and there’s even a stream to lull us to sleep. We plop down our gear and set up a tent. As soon as we’ve laid down our sleeping bags, we go inside to relax and rest from the long hike. And that gorgeous view I described above? Gone. Blocked by the tent’s nylon ceiling! So when I saw these BubbleTree tents recently on Facebook, I immediately began to dream about my next camping trip.

Imagine staying here for the night. A hotel would ruin the atmosphere (and the ecosystem), and a small tent would shut you off from the full experience of being in the middle of such a beautiful place.

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That’s what BubbleTree owner Pierre Stéphane Dumas had in mind when he developed these portable lodges. He wanted people to be able to spend a night in nature without negatively impacting the natural environment too much.

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Now some smart entrepreneurs are setting up the pods as hotels so that nature lovers can do just that.

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While some models like the CristalBubble are completely clear, others like the BubbleRoom have opaque walls. Because even in the natural world, the need for privacy can kick in.

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BubbleTree lodges are perfect for star gazing, and they make waking up to see the sun rise easy, too.

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These tents aren’t as minimalistic as you might think. With some furniture, they become quite luxurious.

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There’s plenty of room for a bubble bed, bubble chairs, and bubble tables!

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I can already tell that my camping buddies are going to be jealous when I come back from my bubble adventure. Fortunately, there’s a pod for that.

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