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Chihuahua was abandoned for not having front legs – now she can’t stop running in her wheelchair

It was a heartbreaking sight—a chihuahua puppy born without front legs sitting in a dirty cardboard box on a busy San Francisco street.

Some people stopped to help, but when they saw that she didn’t have front legs, they kept walking. But fortunately the puppy’s fate changed when one kindhearted soul stopped and decided to make sure she had the love and care she needed.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

When a chihuahua puppy was abandoned in a dirty cardboard box on a San Francisco street, lots of people noticed her but kept on walking. But when a man named Jene saw her, he stopped in his tracks.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

The puppy, now named Daffodil, was lucky that Jene noticed her. He picked up the terrified puppy, gently wrapped her in his T-shirt, and took her home. But when he realized that Daffodil needed more help than he could offer, he did the right thing and brought her to the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

Even though Daffodil was missing her two front legs, she was still a puppy—curious, mischievous, and cute as can be.

And despite the difficulties that she had to overcome, Daffodil wanted to play and run around like other puppies. But Daffodil was still growing and custom-made wheelchairs are expensive, so the San Francisco SPCA decided to help her finally get around on her own.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

The San Francisco SPCA decided to ask OrthoPets, a company that specializes in making prostheses for animals, to make a custom-made wheelchair for her. And when Daffodil took her first steps in her new wheelchair, a large crowd gathered to cheer her on.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

Daffodil was so excited that she toppled over, but she wasn’t about to let one fall hold her back. And in time, she learned to get around on her two legs and four wheels.

Soon there was even more happy news. One of the employees at OthoPets became so fond of Daffodil that she decided to adopt her. Now, Daffodil moves around so easily that she can climb mountains and get around like any other dog.

Image Source: Daffodil On Wheels / Facebook

See the happy moment when Daffodil gets her wheelchair:

I was so moved by this story. Little Daffodil really proves that nothing is impossible. It’s wonderful that she has such a good life now. Please share this article with your friends if her story also touched you.

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