He hears a strange sound from trash- then opens it and shows what a true hero is

As cities and suburbs sprawl, it’s not humans who have to get used to longer commutes—animals also have to adapt.

Raccoons are a good example of this, because these seemingly cute little creatures have really learned to adapt to humans well.

They build nests in attics, eat out of garbage cans, and steal pet food. But sometimes raccoons search for more substantial meals to eat.

When a man heard a strange sound from a big green dumpster, he had no idea what it could be.

So when he looked inside, he was surprised to say the least—because looking up at him were three young raccoons that couldn’t get out on their own.

So how did this animal lover save these little cuties?

Watch the video below to find out:

Thankfully it had this man a heart of gold and gave raccoons a chance to come back to freedom.

We need more people like this guy in the world!

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