John Stamos reveals the fatherly advice Bob Saget gave him about his son that changed everything

Bob Saget, the comedian and Full House star who sadly passed away last January, would have celebrated his 67th birthday yesterday, and many of Saget’s friends and family remembered him on the occasion.

His friend and Full House co-star John Stamos shared a touching memory of the late comic, revealing the advice he gave him when his son Billy was first born.

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Stamos welcomed a baby son named Billy with his wife Caitlin McHugh in 2018. But in an interview with E! Online, Stamos revealed that he didn’t feel “as close” to his child as he expected.

Stamos decided to turn to his friend Bob Saget for some fatherly advice: the late comedian had three daughters of his own. Saget had some sage wisdom.

“He said, ‘Wait until the first time he laughs at you,'” Stamos recalled.

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The actor told E! that Saget’s prediction came true, and that he and his son, who is now 5, are “best buddies.”

Bob Saget may not quite have been Danny Tanner, the wholesome and corny dad he played on Full House, but like his character he was full of fatherly wisdom.

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Saget’s death in January 22 came as a shock to his friends, family and fans: he was found unresponsive in his hotel room while on tour. The cause of death was later found to be blunt head trauma, most likely from a fall.

In honor of his birthday, Stamos shared a throwback video of the two of them performing in a musical number about Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth.

“Happy birthday @bobsaget It still doesn’t seem real,” Stamos wrote in the caption. “I was thinking about you all day and thinking about all the wonderful birthdays that we celebrated together. Usually me throwing you a gigantic expensive party and you taking me to The Smokehouse in the Valley. I’ll be John Wilkes Booth to your Abe Lincoln anytime. I miss you so much.”

Dave Coulier, who also co-starred on Full House with Saget, shared his own throwback pic.

“Happy birthday, Bob. I love you,” Coulier wrote.

And Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo also shared a touching tribute to her late husband.

“This truly never gets less weird or surreal,” Rizzo wrote on Instagram. “But the gratitude grows every single day. I’ll never stop feeling like the luckiest person on Earth to have had the privilege of spending 6 years with this amazing man.”

She also shared the best way to honor Saget’s life on his birthday.

“To celebrate Bob on his birthday, do as he would do…tell all the people you love that you love them, preferably in a very long & verbose voice text dictated by Siri.”

It’s clear that Bob Saget is still loved and remembered by everyone who knew him. Happy birthday to this great comedian taken too soon 💔❤️

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