John Travolta ‘isn’t interested’ in dating again after death of his wife Kelly Preston

The death of a spouse is one of the hardest things you can deal with in life, especially when they pass away relatively young.

The grief can linger for years, and it’s up to the widow/widower to decide when, if ever, they can start to love someone else.

Hollywood star John Travolta has been dealing with this kind of grief, mourning his late wife Kelly Preston, who died last July after a battle with breast cancer.

And a source says that while friends have been trying to get the 67-year-old Grease star back on the dating scene, he isn’t ready to start seeing anyone.

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“He just isn’t interested”

“John’s had no shortage of friends wanting to set him up and there are a lot of women who would love to go out with him,” an insider told OK! Magazine. “John is flattered, but he just isn’t interested.” 

Travolta rose to fame as a Hollywood heartthrob, thanks to early roles in Welcome Back, Kotter and Saturday Night Fever, and would still likely have no problem finding a new romance. But while it’s understandable that friends would offer to help him find new love to get him back on his feet, it’s clear that the actor isn’t ready for that yet.

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Travolta and Preston were married for 19 years before her death, and had three children together. Less than a year after her death, it’s very understandable that he would not be ready to move on so soon.

“No one wants to push him because they understand he’s torn between opening himself up to love again and staying single and being the best father he can be,” the insider said.

“Until John can figure things out, everyone is giving him the space he needs.”

Mourning Kelly Preston

Travolta announced that Kelly Preston had died last July, following a private battle with breast cancer. She was 57.

“She fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many,” Travolta wrote. “Kelly’s love and life will always be remembered.”

In the same post, Travolta said he would be taking time to be with his family during the mourning process, particularly his children, 21-year-old  Ella and 10-year-old Ben. His first child with Kelly Preston, Jett, died of a seizure at 16.

While maintaining a low profile, Travolta opened up about his grieving process in an interview with Esquire Mexico.

“I have learned that mourning someone, mourning, is personal,” Travolta told the magazine. “Mourning is individual and only your own journey can heal you.”

“This is different from someone else’s journey. The most important thing you can do to help another when they are in mourning is to allow them to live it and not complicate it with yours. That’s my experience.”

Tributes for Mother’s Day

This weekend, the Travolta family experienced yet another emotional day: the first Mother’s Day since the death of Kelly.

In honor of the occasion, Travolta posted a heartwarming tribute to his late wife on Instagram, along with an old family photo.

“Dearest Kelly, you brought into my life three of the most wonderful children I have ever known. Thank you. We love and miss you. Happy Mother’s Day,” Travolta wrote.

Ella Travolta also shared her own photo and tribute to her late mother.

“Mama, thank you for all you have done for us and for this world,” Ella wrote. “I miss you and love you very much, but your smile, warmth and love is ever lasting. Wishing all of the moms a happy Mother’s Day.”

It’s clear John Travolta misses his wife a lot, and he should take all the time he needs to heal before he’s ready to date again.

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