Florida man finds lost wallet at Walmart, drives to owner’s home and returns it

Usually when a story starts out with the phrase “a Florida man,” it’s followed by an extremely hard to believe story, something that could only happen in Florida.

But this time, we celebrate a Florida man. At this time his identity remains unknown, but Debra Crosby wants to know his name.


Crosby was shopping at a Walmart in Jacksonville recently when she realized at the worst time – when she was checking out – that she lost her wallet.

Luckily she had enough cash to pay for her items, but she still had to leave the store without her wallet.

“I’m going to have to replace my military ID, my driver’s license,” Crosby told First Coast News. “I am going to have to take off work because they are not open during hours when I get off.”

What she didn’t know was that a kind man had found her wallet and was already on his way to bring it back to her.

Crosby’s doorbell camera recorded the act of kindness.

“Hey Ms. Crosby, I found your wallet at Walmart in River City,” the unidentified man said. “I’m going to put it by the Amazon boxes.”

“If he is watching this, I want him to know that he makes me so proud,” Crosby said. “I have three sons of my own and I would hope that they do the exact same thing.”

Thank you to this kind man for returning the wallet and its contents! May you be rewarded in life.

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