Michael Douglas finally set to appear in a drama together with his son Cameron after almost 20 years

There is no doubt that actor Michael Douglas has made his mark in the world of acting. He comes from a family of entertainers – his late father Kirk Douglas, had a highly successful career as an actor and director as well.

Now it seems the next generation of the Douglas family is making their way onto our screens, of course, guided by their elders themselves!

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The patriarch of the Douglas dynasty, Kirk Douglas, died back in 2020. The legendary actor, who also was a wonderful father to four sons, rose to prominence during Hollywood’s golden age and his legacy will live on forever.

Kirk’s life was a long, successful, and storied one, underpinned by the fierce love he had for his family. Fortunately, he also made sure to share some memorable moments with his family members on screen.

In 2003,  the film It Runs in the Family, made a lot of headlines because of its cast.

It had three actors, from three generations of the same family; the Douglas family. Cameron Douglas starred in the film with his father, Michael Douglas and his grandfather Kirk Douglas in the feature film.

Michael Douglas

Now almost 20 years later, the Douglas boys are making their on-screen comeback as a duo. The father and son will play the same relationship on-screen in the upcoming family drama Blood Knot.

The movie is based on the 2015 best-seller Looking Through Water, which is reportedly a story about a father inviting his estranged son to Puerto Rico on a fishing trip in order to mend their fractured relationship.

Of course, the director Howard Deutch is also excited to be able to film the father-son duo in a similar relationship on-screen.


Director Howard Deutch said that it is “about several generations of a family brought together and torn apart by mystery, murder, and true confessions, with a castled by Michael and Cameron Douglas. I could not be more thrilled to start production on ‘Blood Knot.’”

This film is the first time the father-son will be on-screen together after Cameron Douglas’ release from jail. He spent five years in prison for being found in possession of heroin and other narcotics in a hotel room in New York City.

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas was born on December 13, 1978, in Santa Barbara, California, USA and he’s the elder son of Diandra Luker & Michael Douglas.

He decided to go in his father and grandfather’s footsteps and has appeared in several films over the years. But his personal life has been shaky, and Cameron became an addict at a young age – with a “demented death wish.”


In hindsight, Cameron said that a certain amount of loneliness in his childhood led him to drugs in order to ‘fill that void.’

”I was always conflicted by my last name and trying to figure out how I fit in and with other kids, sometimes I’d be shy about it or embarrassed about it, so at a point I felt a complicated pride to how well my family has done,” he said.

Thankfully, his family never gave up on him. But it was very tough from time to time – Cameron was first arrested back in 1999.

“There was nothing anybody could do to get through to me at a certain point,” he told New York Times.


Since his release from jail in 2016, he has been reported to be completely sober.

Today, he lives in Los Angeles and is dedicated to raising his two children, who he shares with his partner Vivian Thibes.

Cameron Douglas has surely been through a lot with his arrest and subsequent jail time. He wrote a book about his time in jail, in hopes to inspire others with the lessons he has learned and the changes he has made in his life.

His father Michael Douglas is incredibly proud of how far his son has come. He said, “I’m very proud of [Cameron], not only for the book but for the way he conducts his life. He’s talking the talk and walking the walk.”

I’m sure his grandfather would also be proud if he saw Cameron today!

”He always used to tell me — even before I got this job, when I was doing a lot of auditioning — how he thought that I was truly talented and to keep going. To hear that coming from him was enough. He didn’t really have a secret about acting to pass along to me. His secret was hard work, being prepared and showing up. Then, if you have the talent and the work ethic, it will work out. That’s what’s ingrained in me from him,” Cameron shared in 2020.

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It is so nice to see the Douglas boys back together doing what they do best! I am sure they must be missing Kirk while they film their new project together.

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