Reese Witherspoon finally shows her youngest child after years of keeping him out of the limelight

Reese Witherspoon has been in the public eye for decades at this point. Her own children are now entering the limelight. While her older two children with Ryan Phillippe have been in the public eye for a while.

However, her youngest child who she shares with now ex-husband Jim Toth has mostly been kept away from the camera’s eye. But now, it seems things are changing… Keep reading to know more.

While there has been on the whole, a lot of news about Reese Witherspoon’s two older children, Ava Elizabeth Phillippe and Deacon Reese Phillippe, her youngest child Tennessee Toth is someone not a lot of people know about.


While Ava is popular on social media as a personality and Deacon carves his way into an acting career, the actress’ youngest child has been kept well away from the prying eyes of the public.

But it seems like as the actress hints at major life changes, she is getting more comfortable sharing more about her youngest boy as well.


Recently, she took to Instagram to make a post featuring both her beloved sons. She captioned the post, “Soaking up the last days of summer,” followed by a few emojis. The first picture in the carousel post was of herself sitting on a porch, appearing to be laughing.

The third picture in the post was a very rare picture of her with her youngest child Tennessee Toth, smiling for a selfie against a backdrop of the ocean waves crashing behind them. Look at the picture here.

A picture of her older son Deacon was also in the carousel, as the mother-son duo sported matching white outfits and smiled for the camera. Missing from the carousel of pictures was the actress’ look alike daughter Ava Phillippe.

She ended the stream of pictures with a poem by Cleo Wade. The poem went, “Life will change you or you can change with life. We are in motion. Everything we know is always moving. We can wrestle with this energy or we can dance with it. The choice is completely up to you.”

The actress is perhaps hinting at the changes going on in her own life. Earlier this month, the actress finalized her divorce from her husband Jim Toth. According to reports, the couple signed a marital dissolution agreement and also agreed upon a parenting plan for their son together.


After she announced her divorce in March this year, Witherspoon said she was going to be more vulnerable now. In an interview she said, “All I can do is be my most honest, forthright self and be vulnerable.” She added, “It’s a vulnerable time for me. I think about how many other people are going through this experience. I don’t feel isolated at all. I feel very connected.”


We are happy to see Reese Witherspoon doing well after having a rough time recently with her divorce. Share this piece with other people so they can also see her youngest son and what he looks like!