Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava Phillippe ‘comes out’ with four simple words

Reese Witherspoon has three children in total. Her eldest child is her daughter Ava Phillippe. Her daughter has become a major personality on her own and is now revealing interesting things about herself.

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Reese Witherspoon’s eldest child is her daughter Ava Phillippe. As soon as Ava started growing up, it was obvious that she looked exactly like her mother. And in more recent times, the resemblance has become even more pronounced and alike.

Ava Phillippe has around one million followers on Instagram and often posts on the platform to interact with them. She recently did a Q&A session on her stories where followers submitted questions, and she chose to answer some of them.

24-year-old Ava is Reese Witherspoon’s daughter with her first husband Ryan Phillippe. She looks so similar to her mother that she is sometimes even confused for the Legally Blonde actress.


Her Instagram has gained tremendous popularity and led to her partnering with big brands like Beyoncé’s Ivy Park and Pat McGrath Labs for collaborations.

When she used Instagram’s Q&A feature with her fans, she was met with a lot of curious questions. One follower asked her about her sexuality; the follower asked Ava whether she liked boys or girls.

´The young influencer posted a picture of herself in elaborate blue eye makeup and wrote her simple answer to the question, “I’m attracted to… people!”


She further added in parentheses, “Gender is whatever.”

While Phillippe did not write down her sexuality in the post, people who say they are attracted to a ‘person’ rather than their gender are called pansexual. According to  GLAAD, a pansexual person is someone who is ‘attracted to all gender identities, or attracted to people regardless of gender.’

Phillippe has reportedly been in a relationship with fellow UC Berkley student Owen Mahoney. The couple reportedly began dating in 2019 but since both of them have always kept their romance under wraps, it is not clear whether they are still together or not.


Witherspoon has talked about the challenges of being a mother in Hollywood quite a few times. She once lamented on how her upbringing is so much different than that of her children because they have had to grow with the limelight.

She said, “It’s an odd situation because I didn’t grow up famous. So [Ava is] living an experience that I did not have, and so are my sons. Witherspoon added, “We are lucky enough to have friends who grew up in Hollywood and can help give them advice on how to navigate.”

She often talks of her children and praises them. She said of Ava, “Ava is so down-to-earth. She wants to do great things in the world.” She said of her eldest child that Ava is ‘trying to find herself’ and trying to figure out what her ‘path’ in life is going to be.

Earlier this year, Witherspoon announced her intentions to separate from her second husband Jim Toth. The couple share a son together, Tennessee James Toth.

The couple released a statement together that clarified that their focus would be on co-parenting their son. The statement read, “Our biggest priority is our son and our entire family as we navigate this next chapter.”

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