Teenager begs crowd to “pray out loud” after she’s struck by drunk driver on her way to church

Life is very unexpected, and you never know what will happen next. This teenager was enjoying her day and on her way to church when the unthinkable happened.

However, her community rallied behind her and made sure they did what she asked of them…

College student Katie Lentz was on her way to church when tragedy struck. She was suddenly hit by a drunk driver, which caused a car crash that was unimaginable in its destruction.

The 19-year-old was pinned inside her destroyed vehicle. After the impact, she remembers a couple at the scene and asking them whether her accident was ‘real life,’ and then she immediately asked them to pray out loud for her.

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Katie remembers asking everyone who was gathered at the scene of the accident to pray for her. She later disclosed that the reason she asked others to pray for her was that she was too weak to pray herself and hence felt she needed the prayers of others to save her life.

Soon emergency services arrived and realized the accident was much more severe than they previously had expected. People at the scene were sure that the accident would leave some serious long-term impacts on the teenager, that is if she even survived.


Time was of the essence as her health was getting worse, and first responders knew that if they did not get Katie out of the wreckage and to a hospital soon, it would be too late.

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Meanwhile, calls had been made to Katie’s parents, who immediately starting praying for their little girl’s life and called other loved ones to ask them to do the same. Pretty soon hundreds of people got to know about Katie’s accident and began praying out loud for her.

A helicopter ambulance from a neighboring country as well as the local fire department was called to the scene to save Katie’s life. She was transported to a hospital where she was stabilized but had a long way to go before recovery.


Posted by Katie Lentz on Friday, September 6, 2013

The damage to her legs was severe and surgeons immediately got to work to fix and set her fractures and other injuries. And what her doctors and first responders recall is her attitude through it all.

Instead of being upset at why this happened to her, Dr. Rena Stewart who was the orthopedic trauma surgeon taking care of her said she saw first hand the peace Katie’s faith and belief had brought her and ultimately helped with her healing.

Today, Katie can walk again and is completely healed! She is thankful to everyone who prayed for her and made sure to remember her in their hearts.

This is such an inspiring story of faith. We wish Katie Lentz the best of luck!

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