‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser 30 year friendship with this Hollywood heavyweight is very sweet

It is no secret that relationships often do not survive in Hollywood. These, of course, include friendships that burn fast and bright. But then there are actors who show that friendships can be maintained…

Not just for years but for decades…


If you are thinking why Cole Hauser looks familiar, it’s because he is incredibly popular and known for his role as a cowboy on ‘Yellowstone.’ Hauser has been around in Hollywood for many years and always dreamt of being an actor.

While Hauser was already dedicated to his craft and sought a career in acting, Matthew McConaughey’s story is completely the opposite. He tells fans about his accidental foray into the world of Hollywood. The actor had been out on a date in downtown Austin, Texas. It was during that date that he struck up a conversation with a casting director who was in town to cast the latest Richard Linklater film. McConaughey landed a role in the film.

And so did Cole Hauser. And working on the film together struck up a friendship for them that is still strong today.


Hauser has commented over the years about how much fun it was to film in Texas with McConaughey who was a native. He was the ultimate tour guide to the rest of the cast and crew, getting them involved in local summer activities.


McConaughey attended the University of Texas in Austin so he knew the area well.

“Matthew was like, “C’mon guys, get out of your hotel room, let me take you down to the river.” You’d have these tubes, and you’d just throw a big cooler of beer in the middle, and you’d just float. It’s muggy and nasty in Austin during the summer, so to have a cool spring with a beer in your hand and beautiful girls cruising by? It was heaven on earth,” Hauser fondly recalls.

After they wrapped up filming, McConaughey along with Hauser and their co-star Rory Cochrane traveled across Europe. After they got back to the United States from their trip, McConaughey knew he had a future in Hollywood and hence decided to pack his bags and set his sights on Los Angeles.

His first stop after landing in LA was Dazed and Confused casting director Don Phillips’ couch. When he arrived in LA, he immediately picked up right where he left off with both Hauser and their co-star Rory Cochrane.

“Well, I had my [Dazed and Confused] buddies Rory Cochrane and Cole Hauser here [in L.A.], and we would hit up the Formosa Cafe and Chez Jay in Santa Monica–classic little bar right there on Ocean Avenue. I still like to go have a drink with Cochrane and Hauser,” Matthew McConaughey recalls those days fondly.

Now that McConaughey is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, he says there are not many friends he has in Hollywood and that he was not able to maintain too many friendships but he boasts his closeness to Cole Hauser quite a lot.

Over the years, the two friends have been spotted together on numerous occasions just enjoying each other’s company. From attending sporting events to being by one another’s side at after-parties; they are quite close as a pair.

Friendships like these which last decades are a rarity in Hollywood. I am so glad Cole and Matthew have one another!

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