Young entrepreneur went from being homeless to owning his own franchise outlet in a year

The economy currently is not being kind to most people. A lot of young people find themselves out of jobs and some even find themselves on the streets without a home.

But this young man’s inspiring story shows us that you can overcome any adverse circumstances if you are willing to put in the hard work…

Chris Williams is a 26-year-old young man who hails from Chicago. The young man wanted a bright future and in order to do so decided to attend Finance School in Phoenix, Arizona.

But he soon found himself unable to land a job. He went as far as to move to Miami, Florida in order to be luckier in his quest for a stable income. He found himself sleeping in his car, showering at the local gym, and washing his clothes through cleaners.

He spent four months living in his car as a homeless man. But then he was hired as an Automotive Finance Manager and got rewarded with a six-figure salary! His new goal in life was to save enough money to buy a Subway franchise. And in just 10 short months, he raised $120,000 to begin his dream.


Fourteen short months after his stint as being a homeless man, Chris made history by becoming the youngest African-American Subway franchise owner in Atlanta.

Chris had always been determined to be an entrepreneur. Even during his tough financial times when he was forced to live in his car, he would read books and increase his knowledge about business. He was determined and motivated!

Now through his hard work, he was able to achieve his dream and that too in such a short amount of time! Not a lot of people are able to even achieve dreams like these their entire lives.

But this just goes to show you how hard work really can take you to places you would have never believed!

We are very proud of Chris Williams and the example he has set for other young people his age by achieving his dreams! Any goal can be realized if you are persistent with it.

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