35-year-old’s powerful, frightening reminder of the risks of alcohol

Strangers assume 35-year-old Jo is nine months pregnant and about to give birth.

On the bus, commuters offer the British woman their seat and ask her how far along she was.

The only problem? Jo isn’t pregnant.

Jo’s “baby belly” is in fact a result of her alcoholism. After working in a bar for several years, Jo’s began to drink more and more.

And over the course of five years, she eventually came to drink three bottles of wine every day.

Jo’s addiction left her with cirrhosis of the liver. Scar tissue replaced her liver’s healthy tissue, and now, an astonishing amount of fluid collects in her abdomen, ankles, legs, and feet.

Every three weeks, Jo has to visit the hospital to drain up to 23 liters of fluid from her body. It’s a painful procedure that involves needles and plastic tubes being inserted into her body.

Thankfully, Jo has managed to get sober, but the damage to her liver damage—and the trips to the hospital—are permanent.

Jo’s story is a powerful, frightening reminder of what can happen when you abuse alcohol. Check it out below:

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