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100 dogs at risk of becoming homeless – we can help save them

Jenny, Theresa, Sandra and Soila have devoted large parts of their lives to helping Thailand’s street dogs. They live in Sweden and have regular jobs there but simultaneously run the Dog Rescue Thailand organization.

Since 2013, they have run an old shelter in Laem Mae Phim where they care for about 100 dogs. They also feed around 100 street dogs daily at various locations in the city. They have found this to be the best way to win the trust of the dogs, so that they can take care of them if they are later injured as well as bring them in for sterilization.

But the organization is now facing a disaster. The landowner of the land on which they have their shelter no longer wants to rent his plot out – and all the dogs they rescued from the streets are at risk of becoming homeless again.

“We are losing the plot as the owner has decided not to renew the contract now that the lease period is over. We want to just buy it instead, but they’re asking for an exorbitant price that we cannot afford,” Jenny tells Newsner.

Jenny, Theresa, Sandra and Soila are fighting to save their shelter dogs. Their hope is to manage to buy a new plot of land before they are ejected from their current one. They found another plot, also expensive – but ideal.

“It’s almost twice as large as the current one, with already finished houses on the ground that staff and volunteers can stay in as well as a house where we could set up a small clinic in the future. There is also a lake that the dogs can swim in and it’s in a very nice green area,” Jenny explains.


They have launched a fundraiser to help raise the US$60,000 required to buy the land. Now they are trying to reach out to as many donors as possible to help raise these funds before it’s too late. 

“In the worst case, we’re going to have to release the dogs back onto the streets,” Jenny continues. “Since they’re native to this area, we would probably be able to go around and find them and feed them. But this would be a terrible scenario as they’re at great risk out on the street. So we have to solve this somehow.”

Want to help Dog Rescue Thailand to buy new land for their dogs?

There are several ways that you can help. You can simply donate any given amount to their fundraising campaign.

If you do not have the opportunity to donate something, you can still share it here the article with your friends so that more can help.

One way or another, we have to save these dogs!

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