Baby struggles not to fall asleep – but dog realizes what is really about to happen

Here is more amazing proof that dogs are man’s best friend.

We all have days where we can barely keep our eyes open because we’re so tired.

The kind of days when you feel like you can doze off at any minute and at any place. It happens to us all, no matter what our age is.

One person that might know what I’m talking about is a baby who’s been named ‘Sleepy baby’ online because of a video that’s spread like wildfire.

The video which shows the baby and his dog might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

YouTube/News 2016

In the video, the baby does his very best to keep awake while hanging out with his best friend — the family dog.

The baby is really trying very hard not to fall asleep and I have to say this little guy really puts up a good fight.

But you clearly see how the toddler’s eyes are about to shut at any second and he’s going to collapse into deep sleep pretty soon. Anyone who’s had or has a baby knows what face I’m talking about.

Someone to lean on

Meanwhile, his wonderful companion is just hanging out next to him and keeping an eye on him. Seems like the dog is pretty used to this scenario and knows what’s going to happen soon.

And then it happens — the baby dozes off on the dog and boy does it look comfortable, snuggly and cozy!

Have a look for yourself below.

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