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Pet Store Kitten Shimmies Over Glass Divider To Play With Lonely Puppy.

It’s always nice to have someone to turn to when you’re feeling a little lonely, be it a friend to cuddle, play with, or just talk to for a while. But animals at pet stores are forced to experience boredom and loneliness long before a loving family comes to take them away. And in this pet store in Taiwan, a lovable kitten and an adorable puppy sit next to each other hour after hour without getting to play together… But one night, they’ve had enough. The puppy is feeling lonely, so his faithful cat friend decides to make a visit—and one of the store’s security cameras catches the adventurous cat climbing up the glass divider and then sliding down into the second cage, where the dog helps his friend down and happily wags his tail once they’re together. This is just so darn cute! What an adorable friendship between this cat and dog!

My heart just melted. This is so sweet! Please share this clip with all of your animal-loving friends so they also see this adorable duo.

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