Woman rolls down car window to shoot moose in field – hears crying and looks closer

When you see a wild animal in trouble it’s always a good idea to call a professional. Whether it’s a turtle lodged between train tracks, an eagle with a broken wing lying in a field, or a wolf stuck in a frozen river, animal control knows just what to do.

But sometimes, an animal hero just happens to be in the right place at the right time and is able to quickly get a wild animal out of trouble without putting themselves in harm’s way.

Jodean Howie is one such person. Recently, she was driving to work along some country roads in Saskatchewan, Canada, when she saw something that made her stop her car and take out her camera. In the field, she saw two moose, a mother and her baby. But when Jodean rolled down her window to get a closer look, she heard crying.

The grass was high, and at first, Jodean couldn’t see where the cries were coming from. But when she looked closer, she saw a hoof sticking straight up in the air near a wire fence. It turns out, there was another baby moose – and she was stuck!

Jodean could see the moose was in trouble.

“Her left leg was tightly wound between two twists. It looked like she might have tried to jump through the fence and then slipped through it so it twisted it,” Jodean told the CBC.

Jodean decided to try to free the baby moose. But since the momma moose could have become protective, Jodean had to be careful. She slowly approached the baby and then got to work.

“I quickly undid the gate and laid the gate down, which gave some slack to the wire, and opened up the wire and pulled out her leg,” Jodean said.

The baby moose jumped up and ran to her mother and sibling, and Jodean got back in her car and continued her daily commute.

What a hero! And how lucky for the baby moose that the right woman rolled up in the right place at the right time.

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