Four women band together to buy a home to raise their kids together

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Especially if you are a single mother. This is why this group of single mothers decided to band together and change things for each other…

Two mothers found themselves in a similar but unfortunate situation. They realized they can change their lives and decided to take the leap which led to a very unique situation.

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It started with Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper. Both women were coming out of difficult situations. Harper’s marriage had just ended and she also lost her dad, making it an incredibly difficult time for her.

Instead of focusing on all her loss, she decided to make the most of her situation and bravely battle things head-on.


And Hopper similarly was not happy with her situation either. As a single mother, she had issues with money having to organize babysitters, pay rent, and just generally making ends meet while also caring for her children full-time.

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They decided to move in together. The two women bought a four-unit property in June 2020 and to off-set the cost of the home, they put out an advertisement asking for renters.

“Two single moms bought this house. We have a basement unit for rent.” Harper told the media. This is when the other two members of their family showed up.

Leandra Nichola and Jen Jacobs showed up to become their renters. Nichola was also a single mother like Hopper and Harper and fit right into the home.

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Jacobs on the other hand was getting over a bad phase in her life as well and decided that living with other women would help her and hence she decided to rent the fourth unit.

Since the home is divided into four units, all families have their own privacy but also share common areas where they gather to eat, talk, play, and come together.

They also split their costs of housing, groceries, and other expenses. Harper has said how nice it is “living with women” as everyone is always on top of their chores and makes sure to do their part in maintaining the home.

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The children are also friends with one another and because they all live together, they no longer have to worry about any babysitting costs!

But apart from the financial benefits the living situation has provided, the women are also happy about the emotional support all of them are able to extend to one another and how good it has been to live together for their mental health.

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Nichola and Jacobs are now together. The women also banded together to help Nichola realize her dream of owning a café. They helped her open up her own place; a small café called Mainstreet Pearl.

What was born out of necessity turned into something very beautiful. Make sure to share this beautiful story with others in order to inspire them.