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New crash barrier to reduce number of serious accidents on the road

Every accident that occurs on our roads is one accident too much.

In 2015 alone, the USA saw over 35,000 fatalities directly related to road accidents. These are staggering numbers and engineers are constantly rethinking ways to reduce this number.

Now, a Korean company has developed a new kind of crash barrier designed to save lives and reduce serious injuries.

The rolling road barrier would absorb the impact of any collision and prevent the vehicle from going through the railing or be run over from behind.

The barrier’s frame is made out of metal, with the middle part a shock absorbing plastic. As the metal part absorbs the force of the crash, the reels begin to spin and prevent the car from flipping over. 

This slows down the collision significantly, reducing the risk of passengers violently being thrown forward in the car. 

Watch the brilliant creation in the video below and please share on Facebook if you agree that it’s a great idea!

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