Only 12 People In The World Can Do This. This Guy Is The Youngest.

While society becomes more and more digitalized and interconnected, one young man is bringing pen to paper in a way you won’t believe. Jake Weidmann, a young American from Denver, Colorado, is stupefying the world with his exquisite calligraphy and art designs. The art form is only mastered by another 11 people around the world, and Weidmann is the youngest yet. Together they are the world’s only 12 ‘Master Penmen’. They embark on the dying ‘written’ art form, due in large part to the obvious impact technology is having on our world today. While Weidmann’s classmates sat with their eyes glued to their computers, the young artist firmly held on to a pencil and notepad, determined to become a master at using this more traditional ‘technology.’ And master he did indeed. His creations are absolutely breathtaking. Take a look at the video below- you will be blown away. Hopefully, Weidmann is paving the way for more youth to ensure that the classic, century-old art form stays alive! Take a look at his website to view more of his gorgeous designs.

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