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Thea Is 12. This Weekend She Is Marrying A 25 Years Older Man. But The Secret Behind It Is Amazing.

She loves horses and One Direction. Thea is 12 years old, lives in Norway and have a blog, where she writes about her upcoming wedding to a 25 years older man.  

”Welcome to my blog! Hi, My name is Thea and I´m 12 years old. In about a month I´m getting married!!!!”


She writes that her mother has decided that she will marry 37-year old Geir. This is the invitation for the wedding.


Thea is sharing her thoughts and feelings about the wedding. About quiting school, wedding menues, rings and dresses.


She´s moving from her family. Her mother has decided that as well. Thea also expresses her disappointment over nothing being allowed to invite her friends to the wedding. She says that she´s scared when her mother tells her she needs to grow up, since she will be starting her own family soon.


Thea posted the invitation to the wedding on Facebook.


The blog has recieved a huge amount of attention in Theas home country, Norway.


Which, of course ain´t that strange. Here is Theas wish list. It says:
One Direction singing toy
A TV of my own
IPad and Iphone
Tickets to a One Direction concert
Finish WoW
A new riding helmet


But thank god, Thea doesnt exist.


Behind the blog is the organisation Plan. The goal of this campaign is prevent girls around the world from being married away against their will.

Every minute 27 girls are being forced to marry someone against their will. 39 000 girls are being married away as child brides every day, according to Plan.
– This is scary reality that we need to act against. To open up the eyes of the norwegian people on this tragic matters we simply moved the planning of a child wedding here to Norway, says Plans Olas Thommessen to

700 million women now living in the world got married away as a child. More than on third of them were under 15, acccording to Unicef.

Theas wedding were set for 11th October, UN:s International Day of the Girl Child. Please share to raise awareness of this problem!

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