Crowd goes quiet as soon as bearded man steps on stage: 3 seconds into chorus, jury is shocked by what happens

When Colin Lillie stepped onto the stage decisively, the crowd immediately went quiet. The bearded man did not seem to quite fit into the usual type of participants who audition on The Voice, and as it turned out, Colin had a very unique story indeed.

He had problems with drugs and alcohol for many years, but somehow Colin found the strength and the energy to turn that negative pattern over its head.

He managed to recover, acquired a family that he loved above all else, and one day he eventually became a daddy — a moment he would never forget.

So when Colin gathered himself a few years later to follow his true passion, music, and audition on The Voice Australia, his song choice was easy.

He would perform the beautiful song “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens. And let’s just says, no one was prepared for what they would hear… just wait until you hear the chorus!

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