Police officer and wife both diagnosed with stage-4 cancer weeks apart – now need help for two young kids

Police officer and wife both diagnosed with stage-4 cancer weeks apart – now need help for two young kids

Being diagnosed with a major illness is not only daunting for the patient but also for their family. It can be even more stressful when the patient happens to be a parent with responsibilities.

Unfortunately, both parents in this family received a heartbreaking diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. And now, they are turning to the public for some help with their kids…

Motor Officer Michael Tomelloso and his wife, Laura both lived an idyllic life with their two young boys 14-year-old Mike Jr., and 10-year-old Matthew. However, their entire world turned upside down earlier this year in February.

Both husband and wife were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just weeks apart from one another. Since then their life has consisted of fighting the diagnosis.

They have ongoing cancer treatments, surgeries, and hospitalizations. During all of this they are unable to remain present for their sons and take care of them the way that they used to.

During this trying time for the family, the Tomellosos have relied on the kindness of their friends, neighbors, and fellow church members for help. People have been pitching in to help them out as they try to get better.

The parents are desperate to keep some kind of normalcy and positivity in the lives of Mike Jr. and Matthew.


Young Matthew happens to be a special needs child. As part of his therapy, he works with horses. However, ever since his parents have been diagnosed and undergoing treatment, he is unable to continue with his therapy sessions with the horses.

Now the couple is turning to the larger public for help. It surely is not easy to go through this alone and they need all the help they can get especially with their mounting bills.

Adaptive riding can be so beneficial not just in its therapeutic riding, but contributing positively to the cognitive,…

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The LAPD has now announced that they have set up the Blue-Ribbon Trust Fund with the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union for the Tomelloso family.

To donate you can visit this site and enter the account number 5830803286 for their specific case.

The funds raised will be used to cover the medical bills for the couple, pay for groceries, cater to their specific dietary needs, and also help them deal with any other sudden costs or expenses they have to face in the near future.

Honestly, even one parent being sick can be incredibly stressful for a child but to have both parents get such a serious diagnosis can be much scarier.

We are sending our well wishes and prayers to the Tomelloso family. Share this piece so others can consider helping the family too.